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Carry Bag for Some Drive Rollators

The Drive Rollator Carry Bag with Shoulder Strap provides a convenient way to carry a rollator. 

The 835 Carry Bag is for Drive Walkers:

* R726 (6"-wheel Aluminum Rollator)
* R728 (8"-wheel Aluminum Rollator)
* 543, 544 (Winnie Mimi Lite Deluxe)
* 510 (Winnie Mimi Lite)
* 199 (3-WheelWinnie Lite Supreme)


  • Shoulder strap provides for easy carrying. 
  • Durable Nylon Material 
  • Dimensions for 835: 28 ½"(W) x 33 ½”(H) x7 ¼ "(D)
  • 60 Days Warranty

Rollator Carry Bag


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