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Graham Field Everest And Jennings Advantage Recliner comes with a higher back and removable full support headrest. The headrest includes an additional neck support that adjusts easily to fit every need. The durable hammertone frame is designed to support up to 300 lb and in the bariatric version up to 450 lb users


  • This Recliner features manual full reclining back range from 90-170 degrees
  • Hammertone finish provides durability and style
  • Embossed black leatherette type vinyl upholstery for easy cleaning
  • Comes with spreader metallic back bar which works as anti-fold device
  • Industry compatible tool-free adjustable elevating front rigging
  • Standard chart pocket on back

What to buy with Graham-Field 3K010350 Wheelchair?

  • Mabis DMI Sloping Back Seat Cushion
  • Mesh Back Padded Gloves
  • Medline Freedom Transport Chair Carrying Case


How to use Everest & Jennings 3K010130 Advantage Recliner?


  • Warnings

  • - Anti-tippers must be installed in the downward position.
    - Indicates a potential hazard situation or unsafe practice that, if not avoided, could result in death or serious personal injury.
    - Do not operate this wheelchair on streets, roadways and hilly or rough terrain, sand, wet or icy surfaces, or surfaces with impaired traction. Ensure that pathway is clear of all obstacles.
    - Do not turn wheelchair while going downhill, as wheelchair could tip over.
    - Do not attempt inclines without anti-tippers installed in the downward position.
    - Do not attempt any incline or decline greater than six degrees (10% grade, or one foot of rising or fall per ten feet of ramp length).
    - This wheelchair does not offer seating or occupant restraint equivalent to the seat provided in a motor vehicle! To increase your safety while traveling in a motor vehicle, always transfer to the vehicle seat and use the restraint provided by the vehicle manufacturer.
    - Do not tie down or attach anything to the wheels. This could cause tipping and possibly result in injury or damage to the wheelchair.
    - The footplates; lowest point should clear the ground by at least 2 1/2 inches, to permit proper clearance of potential obstruction.
    - Do not stand or step on the footplates while transferring to or from your wheelchair. This could cause the wheelchair to tip or may cause personal injury or damage to your wheelchair.
    - Do not place your hands between seat rail and side panel.
    - Always engage wheel locks before transferring, using a wheelchair lift or using an elevator.
    - Ensure that wheelchair is on a stable, level surface and engage wheel locks before and during transfer.
    - Doing a "wheelie" (tilting the wheelchair backward until it reaches its balance point) is dangerous and could result in personal injury to the user.
    - Do not lean over the top of the wheelchair back or use it as a walker. This could cause the wheelchair to tip over.
    - To reduce the risk of tipping before leaning or reaching forward, sit back in the seat and rotate casters fully toward the front of the wheelchair.
    - Unauthorized modification or the use of non-Everest & Jennings replacement parts could change the structure of the wheelchair, void the warranty, and create a hazardous condition resulting in serious personal injury.
    - Operate only with anti-tippers in place when leaning or tipping. When in use, anti-tippers must be installed in the downward position.
    - Do not use your wheelchair on escalators.
    - Wheel locks are not brakes. Do not use the wheel locks to slow down your wheelchair, or while the wheelchair is moving. Wheel locks are only intended to keep the wheelchair in place when it is at a complete stop.


Overall Depth34"
Overall Height51"
Overall Width26-1/2"
Folded Width11-1/2"
Seat Width18"
Seat Height19-1/2"
Seat Depth17"
Back Height23"
Weight Capacity300lb



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